Monday, June 01, 2009

HDNET Gone - No Whomp at the Warfield again. Time Warner Pain

I am so aggravated right now. It was announced on The Boogie Board that Taylor Hicks Concert Whomp at the Warfield would air again on HDNET in June. So a little over a week ago I contacted my cable company Time Warner to sign up for HDNET. The channel was turned on and no one said a word to me about the fact that I may not get the channel come June.

I then found out that June 7th at 3:30 EST Whomp at the Warfield would air. I used my guide to fast forward to that date and I set my DVR to record it as I have to work that day.

Yesterday I went to my scheduled recordings to make sure it was still set. It was not so I went to channel 770, well I tried to but it would not go to the channel. So I checked my guide and the channel did not show in my guide.

Today I contacted Time Warner and asked why it was no longer showing in my guide. I now find out this.

Time Warner Cables agreements with HDNet and HDNet Movies have officially expired. Both channels currently reside on our pay Premium HD Tier which is available across our footprint.
HDNet will only allow us to keep these channels if we move HDNet to the Digital Basic Tier. We believe HDNet is a premium product and should be sold as part of an optional premium HD tier, exactly how we have currently been carrying HDNet and HDNet Movies. After extensive negotiations, we have parted amicably with HDNet. Consequently, Time Warner Cable will drop HDNet and HDNet Movies across our footprint on or before May 31, 2009.

When I ask why I was not told when I signed up that I would not be able to get the channel I got the above answer again. Talk about a runaround. The fact is that I believe they did not tell me because they thought maybe I would just keep what ever they offer in replacement. I told them I do not want their replacements I only wanted HDNET so I could watch a Taylor Hicks concert.

I think it says a lot for company that does not bother to tell a customer “oh that product you want will not be available in a week are you sure you still want it?”, and what it says is not good.

She also said “Based on what you are telling me, it sounds as if you really enjoyed watching HDNet and/or HD Net movies and are frustrated that you can no longer access them through your Premium HD Tier.” Well duh what was her first clue? Maybe the fact that I said “Why was I not told this when I signed up for the channel?”

I know without a doubt they knew this was going to happen when I signed up but they did not give me this piece of information. If you ask me this is a horrible way to run a business and just makes me not want to sign up anything else because I never know when they will decide to just up and take it away and try and give me some stupid replacement I did not ask for.

It is so aggravating. First I did not have HDNET when the concert first aired but I thought no big deal I will just buy the DVD. Than the DVD never happened. I then find out it will air again so I sign up HDNET and the all the sudden the COMPANY decides to take the channel without a warning. I just give up I will not see the concert and I might as well give up trying.

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