Monday, March 19, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Living His Dream

Living His Dream

A man was on an exciting expedition
This expedition was to have his voice heard
He wanted someone to just give him a listen
He waited with baited breath to get the word

He was told that Yes he had the voice
Each week he came out on top
And he soon became America’s choice
Once he got going he was a force you could not stop

He made it to the end
He did all they asked, too an extent
But on his beliefs he would not bend
He would not give in, he would not relent

He is now living his dream
Though some may try to bring him down
He doesn’t fall for their scheme
He just lives his dream and never do you see a frown

The world needs those who are an example
Of how to ignore those who know not what they speak
Just watch how he handles it all, his actions are very ample
Watch the smile on his face, the love of what he does, he does not
care about their critique.

If one is truly happy and loved in life, than they are above the norm
And can you really ask for more?
Just enjoy what he gives you, when you see him perform
Be happy for him, enjoy what he offers, nothing less, nothing more