Friday, December 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Soul Patrol, New CD,

Taylor Hicks fan base The Soul Patrol has had some comments made that we are just fawning middle aged women who do nothing but buy Taylor Hicks' CDS and talk about his body parts and what he should or should not do. The fan base is far more than that and I have written an article to show what The Soul Patrol is all about. You can read it here Taylor Hicks Soul Patrol

Some reviews are coming out about Taylor's CD "Taylor Hicks" Most are actually pretty good reviews even those who do not like most of the album, like the tracks written and produced by Taylor Hicks himself. That is a pretty good compliment if you ask me. Goes to show what we already know Taylor Hicks has loads of talent.

I however like the whole CD. I like every song on the CD. Heaven Knows, Give Me Tonight, Gonna Move and Runaround are great up tempo Whomp dance Songs. The Right Place, Places I have been and The Maze are beautiful songs. And of course I love Taylor Hicks' originals of The Deal, Soul Thing and Hell Of A Day. I love this new version of Hell Of A Day. I listen to it over and over. My favorite song Taylor has written is The Fall I absolutely adore this song and was so hoping it would be included on this CD. However, that just makes me look forward to the next one and the possibility that it will be included on it.

With all the excitement of Taylor Hicks new CD I forgot to check out I am so glad I did last night. They have a long Taylor medley over there that was put up the 14th and I love it ,hearing Taylor sing one song after another is so great.

In Case you don't read the comments here Victor just left message if you haven't been to Rehearsals lately your missing out check out more of Taylor
Special Stringout

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks Posters

A friend just emailed a picture he took in California of a building that has Taylor Hicks Posters on it with the Cover of his New CD pictured. And the date of Taylors CD debut.Today is a great day to see this as it is 12-12 and Taylor Hicks CD is now out for everyone to enjoy. If you see a place that has a Taylor Hicks Poster take a picture send it to me, and I will put it on here for all the fans to see and enjoy. Let's spread the Taylor Love through Pictures.

Taylor Hicks

Its is The Day 12-12, Taylor Hicks CD is now in stores. I waited until late last night to finish my Christmas shopping. I did this so I could buy 2 copies of the CD as soon as it went on sell. At 12:10 A.M. they did not have them out yet. I went up to the electronics section and asked them to please get them. They did with no argument at all though they did not know who he was, of course I was more than happy to fill them in on whom Taylor Hicks is. By the time I left I had them interested and they were getting ready to listen to it. If I had not had to get up early to send the kids to school I would have stayed around to catch what they had to say after listening. I am sure however they liked it. Everyone who has been to my house and I have played Taylor's music for them either his pre-idol, idol or new songs on VH1 have been Taylorized. Well all the women anyway. I have only won the men over when I let them hear Heaven Knows on VH1. Now I am watching Taylor on The Early Show. He is describing Whomp Music. I do believe the world will accept and love Taylor Hicks and his New Style of Music.

This morning when my alarm clock went off the DJ was telling some guy he was going to get to hear a new style of music in a few and then he wanted his opinion. Well of course this woke me up and I was eagerly waiting for the commercial to end so I could hear them discuss the New Style of music. Of course I thought they would come back and say Whomp Modern Soul ant then play Runaround. But when the commercial ended the DJ announced it was acid country. No I do not now what it is I shut the clock off when i found out it was not Taylor. I however do not it will be long before one day I am woke up by the sounds of Taylor Hicks and Whomp Music.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Journey

I have written several articles about Taylor Hicks and would love for you to read them if you have not yet. Taylor Hicks has come a long way since the first article I wrote. I remember when we were all so excited for his CD to come out and we all thought December would never get here. However even while waiting for the CD to come out we were never without news and information about Taylor. Whether it be recaps of the Idol Tours and fans who attended and shared the experience with us, or those who attended the after show gigs with LMBO. Taylor stayed in the public eye. From magazine and radio interviews, playing with Snoop Dog, WIllie Nelson and The Allman Brothers, videos at and so much more. The journey up to this point was an exciting time and now its just going to get better, as Taylor Hicks' CD is about to merge onto the music scene and then his tour starts. It has been a very exciting and active year and I do not think it is going to let up. Who knows what Taylor Hicks has left to surprise and entertain us with.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks CD and TV Appearances

Another great week of Taylor Hicks is upon us. Monday Dec 11th Taylor Hicks will be appearing on The View on ABC. Tuesday he will be on The Early Show on CBS. Also Tuesday is the release Of Taylor’s CD. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen at This CD will be a hit it is filled with 12 great soulful tunes. Taylor Hicks’ first CD is great music, from ballads to toe tapping, foot stomping songs. Something for every one is on this CD. Also don’t forget has something special planned for 12-12 and we also get our Tayday on 12-15. Christmas in Washington airs Wednesday on TNT and Taylor will be performing. 12-14 Taylor Hicks will be on the Megan show on NBC. Once again The Soul Patrol is about to get a healthy dose of their Taylor Hicks fix. The best of course is the release of his CD on 12/12. Finally the long wait is here Taylor’s music is about to break onto the music scene.