Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks CD and TV Appearances

Another great week of Taylor Hicks is upon us. Monday Dec 11th Taylor Hicks will be appearing on The View on ABC. Tuesday he will be on The Early Show on CBS. Also Tuesday is the release Of Taylor’s CD. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen at This CD will be a hit it is filled with 12 great soulful tunes. Taylor Hicks’ first CD is great music, from ballads to toe tapping, foot stomping songs. Something for every one is on this CD. Also don’t forget has something special planned for 12-12 and we also get our Tayday on 12-15. Christmas in Washington airs Wednesday on TNT and Taylor will be performing. 12-14 Taylor Hicks will be on the Megan show on NBC. Once again The Soul Patrol is about to get a healthy dose of their Taylor Hicks fix. The best of course is the release of his CD on 12/12. Finally the long wait is here Taylor’s music is about to break onto the music scene.