Friday, December 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Soul Patrol, New CD,

Taylor Hicks fan base The Soul Patrol has had some comments made that we are just fawning middle aged women who do nothing but buy Taylor Hicks' CDS and talk about his body parts and what he should or should not do. The fan base is far more than that and I have written an article to show what The Soul Patrol is all about. You can read it here Taylor Hicks Soul Patrol

Some reviews are coming out about Taylor's CD "Taylor Hicks" Most are actually pretty good reviews even those who do not like most of the album, like the tracks written and produced by Taylor Hicks himself. That is a pretty good compliment if you ask me. Goes to show what we already know Taylor Hicks has loads of talent.

I however like the whole CD. I like every song on the CD. Heaven Knows, Give Me Tonight, Gonna Move and Runaround are great up tempo Whomp dance Songs. The Right Place, Places I have been and The Maze are beautiful songs. And of course I love Taylor Hicks' originals of The Deal, Soul Thing and Hell Of A Day. I love this new version of Hell Of A Day. I listen to it over and over. My favorite song Taylor has written is The Fall I absolutely adore this song and was so hoping it would be included on this CD. However, that just makes me look forward to the next one and the possibility that it will be included on it.

With all the excitement of Taylor Hicks new CD I forgot to check out I am so glad I did last night. They have a long Taylor medley over there that was put up the 14th and I love it ,hearing Taylor sing one song after another is so great.

In Case you don't read the comments here Victor just left message if you haven't been to Rehearsals lately your missing out check out more of Taylor
Special Stringout


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