Thursday, November 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Greats Perform What'd I Say

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Once again a new video of Taylor Hicks is going to up at I know I am not alone in being anxious to see Taylor perform “What’d I Say” I decided to go view Ray Charles version to get me even more ready for tomorrow, and what I found was not only Ray Charles Version but several others including one of Taylor’s. So let’s all GET THE PARTY STARTED and click the links below to view the videos. ENJOY!!!!

First of Course Ray Charles

Jerry Lee Lewis

Roy Orbinson

And I saved the Hottest Two and my Favs for Last

Elvis (HOT)

Taylor (HOT)

Can’t wait for the video of Taylor Hicks “What’d I Say” to go live tomorrow.

Taylor Hicks; What'd I Say

Great News Soul Patrol another video of another Taylor Hicks video will be up again this Friday at Taylor Hicks newest rehearsal video will be his Idol Ray Charles, Song “What’d I Say” has this posted at their site.

Taylor Hicks - another release this Friday.
Attention Soul Patrol
As you suspected we have another Taylor Hicks video being released this Friday."What'd I Say" keeps giving The Soul Patrol our much needed Hicks Fix. They know how huge The Soul Patrol is and how much we love to see Taylor Videos and they are keeping us all happy. They sure know how to keep a fan base coming back for more. Once again The Soul Patrol will bombard the Rehearsals website for out Taylor Hicks Fix. The videos are excellent quality and the sound is great, of course with Taylor’s voice it couldn’t help but be a great sound. If you haven’t checked out Rehearsals yet do so now. They have lots of videos of musicians who are rehearsing. It just so happens that American Idol Taylor Hicks is all the talk right now. I can’t wait for Friday. TGIF is what the whole Soul Patrol shouts each Friday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

Taylor Hicks New CD is being discussed at all the fan boards. Everyone is highly anticipating its December 5th release. We have all heard that Taylor has had many offers from great musicians to work with him on the CD. So far from things Taylor has said in interviews we have gotten a few clues as what to expect from the CD. We know of course that Taylor’s wonderful voice will be the main thing. However here is what has been said so far

1) There will be one Ray Charles cover. And Taylor said it is a lesser known song
2) Taylor recorded the Ray Charles song in Ray Charles Studio.
3) Bryan Adams wrote one of the tracks.
4) Robert Randolph is playing on one of the tracks.
5) The Tower of Power will be featured playing horns.
6) John Mayer co-wrote one of the tracks.
7) There will some songs written by Taylor.
8) And to the delight of fans Taylor will play harmonica in some of the songs.

Taylor has also said the CD will be modern, up-tempo, a few balled type songs and Whomp with Ass. Taylor Hicks New CD can’t come soon enough for The Soul Patrol. Can’t wait to hear the great music on the CD.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams

Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams are teaming up. I see a great song in the making. I have always loved Bryan Adams songs. Growing up as a teenager in the 80s (yes I’m showing my age lol) I always loved listening to Bryan Adams. Taylor is going to be singing a song written by Bryan Adams. Whether this is a new song or an old one is not known yet. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams I think will make a great collaboration. I’m sure.

Taylor knows how to take any song and make it his. His voice is so soothing and Bryan Adams is a great song writer. I am so looking forward to getting the CD and hearing the song that is a Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams collaboration.

Taylor won’t tell what the name of the song is. He says he wants to keep some secrets so people will be excited to listen to the album and see what is on it. Taylor Hicks loves to keep his fans in suspense and excited about the future. That is what keeps his fans so excited. He teases us every now and then with little interviews here and there, videos released every so often at and just a little info about his CD; just enough to keep us saying GIVE US MORE!!!! We love getting our little shots of our Hicks Fix. However, at the same time we are so excited for the full blown Hicks Mania that is sure to hit, at least with the huge fan base of The Soul Patrol. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams, what a great idea, Taylor knows how to pick em.

Taylor Hicks Shares a Secret with Bryan Adams
Posted Oct 31st 2006 10:51AM by Jolie Lash
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Taylor Hicks has teamed with Canadian pop-rocker Bryan Adams. Along with plenty of his own material, the 'American Idol' Season 5 winner will feature a song by the 'Boys of Summer' singer on his debut album, set to drop by Christmas. "There have been some great songs that have been given to me, a Bryan Adams [track] being one of them," Hicks told AOL Music. "He sent me a song that's just so killer, man. Ray Charles taught me it doesn't matter who wrote it -- as long as you can sing it, feel it and perform it, you'll know."

Taylor Hicks: Taylor on TV

Taylor Hicks is going to be on TV a lot in the near future. He is going to be on several shows such as Oprah, The View and Regis and Kelly. Prime Time is also going to be Taylor Time. Yesterday it was reported that on November 29th he will be on NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Today the report is he will also be on NBC Christmas Tree Lighting (11/26 on NBC at 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.), The Billboard Awards (12/04 on FOX at 8:00 p.m.) and TNT Christmas in Washington (12/17 on TNT at 8:00 p.m.). The Soul Patrols first TV glimpse of Taylor so far is set to be on The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (11/23 on NBC from 9:00 a.m. to noon). Looks like we better be setting out Tivo’s and VCR’s to record so we don’t miss out on any of the shows Taylor Hicks will be on.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Christmas in Rockefeller Center

On November 29th the Soul Patrol will get to see Taylor Hicks as he performs on NBC’s 'CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER’. A press release was just released at stating that CHRISTINA AGUILERA, STING, BETTE MIDLER, TAYLOR HICKS AND LIONEL RICHIE, and Grammy-award winning artist JOHN LEGEND will perform on NBC'S 'CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER,' NOVEMBER 29 (8-9 P.M. ET/PT).

NBC can count on high ratings that night as the huge fan base known as The Soul Patrol tunes into watch Christmas in Rockefeller Center to see their American Idol Taylor Hicks.

An excerpt from the press release is “Hicks, the 30-year-old Birmingham, Ala. native captured the hearts and minds of more than 63.4 million people who voted him this year's American Idol, is recording his debut album for Arista Records. His first single, "Do I Make You Proud" debuted at No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100, the Single Sales chart and the Pop 100, with more than $190,000 sold its first week of release. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every CD, digital download, ring tone and ring back benefits the American Red Cross.” Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2006 will be a huge hit. There isn’t a Soul Patroller who will miss show.

The Soul Patrol loves to get every glimpse of Taylor Hicks that they can. Fans have rushed to to catch the videos they are sharing of Taylor Hicks as he rehearses. NBC should have a record breaking viewing audience for Christmas in Rockefeller Center when The Soul Patrol tunes their TV to NBC on November 29th.

Taylor Hicks: LMBO

All members of The Soul Patrol know who LiMBO is. LMBO is Taylor Hicks pre-Idol band. However we all know these guys are more than just that. They are extremely talented group who many fans got to see over the summer when they shadowed The American Idol Tour and played several gigs. Many times Taylor sat in and sang and played guitar and harmonica. The chemistry between Taylor and LMBO is fabulous. I stumbled onto an article I would love to share with you all. An Elliot Yamin Fan got to meet and greet the band and is just as taken with them as The Soul Patrol is. These guys are set to make it big. They are a great bunch of musicians who love what they do. In this interview they each tell how Taylor got them in his band. Here is an excerpt.

Brian: I was playing with a band called the Ground, which me and Zippy were in, in Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama is where we met. Zippy and I have played together, probably seven or eight years now. We were playing a bar. His [Taylor’s] band was down in Mobile. He walked by where we were playing, and he heard me playing the piano. And he made a comment to one of his buddies, “Man, I want a keyboard player like that in my band.” Two weeks later, cause I was living in Nashville at the time, he was playing in Nashville, and his bass player knew me. So, the bass player goes, “Taylor, this keyboard player really wants to sit in.” And Taylor’s like, “No. We’re in Nashville. We want our game to be on. Nobody’s sitting in.” Then, finally, Clay Connor, his bass player at the time, convinced Taylor to let me sit in. So, I show up in Nashville. I set up, do sound check, and Taylor goes, “Were you in Mobile two weeks ago playing at this bar?” I was like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Join the band.” I said, “I haven’t even played yet.” And he’s like, “I don’t care. I heard you play. You’re what I want,” and then, the rest is history. That’s how it happened.
For The rest of the Story about LMBO go here

Taylor Hicks: The King of Rock and Roll

The King of Rock and Roll, that’s all a person needs to hear to know the conversation, is about Elvis Presley. Elvis came along when a generation needed something or someone to get excited about. The girls swooned over Elvis, falling in love with every lip curl or pelvis thrust he gave. The men wanted to be Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll created a phenomenon that had never been seen before.

Even decades after his death Elvis is still a legend, he is still The King of Rock and Roll. What keeps Elvis so alive in people’s hearts generation after generation? Elvis was a true southern gentleman. He loved his Mother, respected women, was incredibly generous and he loved his fans, he realized without the fans he wouldn’t have had the success he had. Elvis has always had and continues to have a very loyal fan base. They have kept Elvis’s name and music alive, for other generations to experience and love.

The King of Rock and Roll will never die has he will forever live in the hearts of the all the fans from his incredibly large fan base. This fan base continues to grow everyday because Elvis is truly a National Rock and Roll Legend.

A new artist on the scene, Taylor Hicks has been compared to Elvis. Some do not understand this comparison; however it is easy to see the comparison. Taylor like Elvis has come when a generation needs a change and Taylor offers that change. Taylor also, like The King of Rock and Roll, loves his fans and realizes none of his success would be possible without them. Taylor is also a southern gentleman. The women THUD over Taylor. Same meaning as swoon however, THUD is just a new word for a new generation. The 50’s and 60’s saw the emergence of The King of Rock and Roll. Now the millennium is seeing another legend in the making in Taylor Hicks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks Music

Taylor Hicks is keeping fans informed of his goings on, by leaving messages on boards and through Fans also get to see videos at of Taylor rehearsing for upcoming shows he will be doing. Today fans noticed Taylor is also mentioned with country music. Taylor Hicks Music can not be stuck in one category. Taylor is a very versatile artist that proved it each week on American Idol, when he sang every type of music that was presented to him expertly. Taylor Hicks music is soul, however Taylor can master any type of music put before him.

When listening to Taylor’s CD “Under the Radar”, I have always felt it had a country vibe to it. Taylor’s song The Fall also reminds me a great country song. Some fans will argue Taylor Hicks Music isn’t country and they don’t want him to be country. I disagree with this, country music is a very stable music outlet and the fans of country music artists stick completely with their favorites.

Elvis Presley was and still is The King of Rock and Roll, however. Elvis also sang gospel and country and was just as greatly appreciated in those avenues as rock and roll. Taylor Hicks music also is the type of music that can go over into pop, soul, rock and roll and country. Taylor’s voice is a pure joy to listen to. I could so imagine Taylor singing a beautiful heart felt country song that would top the charts and go on to be a classic.

I for one say, don’t put Taylor Hicks music into one category and limit him to the success that he can rightfully achieve. If you go to at CMT you will see that they have a little article up about Taylor. If you go to you will see Taylor’s “Under the Radar” CD is listed there. It appears that CMT also feels Taylor’s music would fit very well in to the country style.