Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks Music

Taylor Hicks is keeping fans informed of his goings on, by leaving messages on boards and through Fans also get to see videos at of Taylor rehearsing for upcoming shows he will be doing. Today fans noticed Taylor is also mentioned with country music. Taylor Hicks Music can not be stuck in one category. Taylor is a very versatile artist that proved it each week on American Idol, when he sang every type of music that was presented to him expertly. Taylor Hicks music is soul, however Taylor can master any type of music put before him.

When listening to Taylor’s CD “Under the Radar”, I have always felt it had a country vibe to it. Taylor’s song The Fall also reminds me a great country song. Some fans will argue Taylor Hicks Music isn’t country and they don’t want him to be country. I disagree with this, country music is a very stable music outlet and the fans of country music artists stick completely with their favorites.

Elvis Presley was and still is The King of Rock and Roll, however. Elvis also sang gospel and country and was just as greatly appreciated in those avenues as rock and roll. Taylor Hicks music also is the type of music that can go over into pop, soul, rock and roll and country. Taylor’s voice is a pure joy to listen to. I could so imagine Taylor singing a beautiful heart felt country song that would top the charts and go on to be a classic.

I for one say, don’t put Taylor Hicks music into one category and limit him to the success that he can rightfully achieve. If you go to at CMT you will see that they have a little article up about Taylor. If you go to you will see Taylor’s “Under the Radar” CD is listed there. It appears that CMT also feels Taylor’s music would fit very well in to the country style.


AmyH said...

"Taylor’s voice is a pure joy to listen to."

I couldn't agree more. :)

I saw UTR over on the CMT website back when I was trying to find some info about his collaboration with Willie Nelson. It was slightly surprising, but I wasn't shocked at all. Taylor is a Southern boy and has a bit of a twang in his voice anyway. I think he could do well with a couple of country tunes.

Elvis was smart not to stick to one genre. Broaden that fanbase!

Anonymous said...

I to feel Taylor would do great with country music as well as other types of music.

Cindy Wright said...

I've been trying to find info about Taylor singing with Willie Nelson to. But I did see a pic. Taylor will do great in any genre and I feel brodening that fan base is a great way to insure a more productive career