Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks Quizzes

Fans of Taylor Hicks know quite a bit about him. But do we know everything, or do we remember as much as we think? I have found a few Taylor Hick’s quizzes. What better way to test fans knowledge of their Idol Taylor Hicks. These Taylor Hicks quizzes are easy questions. However, there may be a question or too even the most devote fan might not know the answer to. Either way it is just fun to take a quiz now and then, and what better quiz to take then about Taylor Hicks. After you take this quizzes would love for you to come back and comment. Especially if you do run into a question that stumped you. Let’s have fun with these and get a discussion going about Taylor Hicks quizzes. The links are below.


AmyH said...

It scares me a bit that I got all those correct! LOL! That third quiz isn't very good (typos, no correct choices on a couple of the questions).