Monday, October 23, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

A press release was just released this morning from Arista records. Taylor Hicks New CD that is due for release on December 5th 2006 is being produced by The Grammy Award winning producer Matt Serletic. Taylor Hicks new CD is being highly anticipated by fans. December 5th can not come soon enough.

In the press release Taylor says that Matt Serletic gets where Taylor is coming from and Taylor says he completely respects the mans smarts. Matt gets Taylor and fans are thrilled with the news. Matt Serletic says Taylor is phenomenal vocalist and experienced artist. This is not news to Taylor fans. It is just great to know that Taylor Hicks New CD is being handled by such a great producer.

Matt Serletic has worked with some great artists such as Areosmith, Matchbox 20 and more. Taylor Hicks New CD will be one to surely be on the watch for. John Mayer has worked with Taylor also on this CD. John Mayer did the music and Taylor wrote the lyrics. This song is one fans are anxiously waiting to hear. Taylor Hicks CD is set to set The Soul Patrol on fire. You can bet that once it releases the boards will be on fire from fans posting. The excitement for this CD is one that I bet hasn’t happened in a very long time. Something about Taylor Hicks just creates emotion and excitement in people that haven’t felt this way since the days of Elvis and the Beatles.

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