Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Hollywood Nights is set to release another video this Friday of Taylor Hicks singing Holly wood Nights. Bob Seger first made this song popular. Now fans are thrilled to be able to hear Taylor Hicks version of Hollywood Nights. During the American Idol tour Taylor sang this song and fans loved it. However, so many of us that didn’t get to attend the tour shows are thrilled for our chance to hear Taylor sing this song. is sharing videos with the public of Taylor Hicks rehearsing at the studio for his upcoming CD and private shows that he will be doing. Hollywood Nights as been one the most talked about songs that Taylor sang on tour and getting to see and hear him sing, clearly without background noise interfering, is sure to be a real treat.

Taylor Hicks is able to take any song he sings and make it his own song. His voice is soothing to the ears and no matter the mood you are in you can’t help but smile when you hear this southern, charming man open his mouth and sing. Taylor’s enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of music is contagious to anyone around him and any one within ear shot. Hollywood Nights is sure to be a hit at with The Soul Patrol once again racing to the site on Friday to get another glimpse of Taylor Hicks our American Idol and future legend.