Monday, October 30, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The King of Rock and Roll

The King of Rock and Roll, that’s all a person needs to hear to know the conversation, is about Elvis Presley. Elvis came along when a generation needed something or someone to get excited about. The girls swooned over Elvis, falling in love with every lip curl or pelvis thrust he gave. The men wanted to be Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll created a phenomenon that had never been seen before.

Even decades after his death Elvis is still a legend, he is still The King of Rock and Roll. What keeps Elvis so alive in people’s hearts generation after generation? Elvis was a true southern gentleman. He loved his Mother, respected women, was incredibly generous and he loved his fans, he realized without the fans he wouldn’t have had the success he had. Elvis has always had and continues to have a very loyal fan base. They have kept Elvis’s name and music alive, for other generations to experience and love.

The King of Rock and Roll will never die has he will forever live in the hearts of the all the fans from his incredibly large fan base. This fan base continues to grow everyday because Elvis is truly a National Rock and Roll Legend.

A new artist on the scene, Taylor Hicks has been compared to Elvis. Some do not understand this comparison; however it is easy to see the comparison. Taylor like Elvis has come when a generation needs a change and Taylor offers that change. Taylor also, like The King of Rock and Roll, loves his fans and realizes none of his success would be possible without them. Taylor is also a southern gentleman. The women THUD over Taylor. Same meaning as swoon however, THUD is just a new word for a new generation. The 50’s and 60’s saw the emergence of The King of Rock and Roll. Now the millennium is seeing another legend in the making in Taylor Hicks.


dl said...

I just hope Taylor doesn't go out as tragically as Elvis did. The fame got to him, he knew he was the King. Hope Taylor can stay grounded from here on in and be good to himself while he's on this earth.

Cindy Wright said...

I think Taylor will stay grounded. He is older than Elvis was and he has strugged for a long while to get his music heard.