Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

Taylor Hicks New CD is being discussed at all the fan boards. Everyone is highly anticipating its December 5th release. We have all heard that Taylor has had many offers from great musicians to work with him on the CD. So far from things Taylor has said in interviews we have gotten a few clues as what to expect from the CD. We know of course that Taylor’s wonderful voice will be the main thing. However here is what has been said so far

1) There will be one Ray Charles cover. And Taylor said it is a lesser known song
2) Taylor recorded the Ray Charles song in Ray Charles Studio.
3) Bryan Adams wrote one of the tracks.
4) Robert Randolph is playing on one of the tracks.
5) The Tower of Power will be featured playing horns.
6) John Mayer co-wrote one of the tracks.
7) There will some songs written by Taylor.
8) And to the delight of fans Taylor will play harmonica in some of the songs.

Taylor has also said the CD will be modern, up-tempo, a few balled type songs and Whomp with Ass. Taylor Hicks New CD can’t come soon enough for The Soul Patrol. Can’t wait to hear the great music on the CD.