Sunday, February 24, 2008

Skin Problems

Here I am 41 years old and I was still fighting acne now and then. I could not figure why nothing seemed to stop me from getting the acne breakout a few times a year. I have also been getting a rash on my neck and chin for about 10 years now. The doctors kept giving me medicine for it but it always came back. Nothing is more embarrassing than going out some where and having a red rash covers your neck and part of your face. A family member kept telling me it was makeup causing it but I thought they were crazy. Almost every woman wears makeup and has no problems. For Christmas she bought me some makeup for Christmas she said if I used it instead of my current makeup she thought my rash and acne problems would be gone. I have been using it ever since. Now it’s only been 2 months but my rash is gone and has not come back. The acne I am not sure about yet as I only get it a few times a year anyway. It is mineral makeup. The makeup is made up totally of minerals and vitamins. If you are having trouble with acne or rashes the try this makeup, it may be just what you need.