Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am getting ready for spring. Spring Fever hit me long before winter even started. I just purchased a new Video Camcorder and Digital camera. I got a nice bag to carry all my supplies in. I plan to attend many concerts this year. I am so hoping to at see Taylor Hicks at least once and I know of to Bucky Covington shows I will be attending. This bag makes it easy to carry all I need to record he great video shots and get those great pictures. There is even room for my cell phone and ID and such. I can fit almost anything I need in this thing besides kitchen faucets. I am sure if I needed them for some reason I would find a way to carry them also. This has been such a long and strange winter in Ohio. One day it may be 60 and sunny the next 40 and rainy and then the next could be 19 degrees or less, snow and ice and then back up to 60 again. I am so ready for the sun and fun of the spring and summer months.