Friday, November 16, 2007

Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield

Taylor Hicks “Whomp at the Warfield” concert has been getting rave reviews. From those who attended the concert and from those who saw the concert on HDTV. I wasn’t able to see it, as I did not have HDTV. That all changes next week, I am having HDTV installed; I hope Whomp at the Warfield is still airing. I have also heard about a commercial video using the song The Fall. I really hope to see this as The Fall is my favorite song of Taylor’s. My cable company was trying to explain how they are going to get me set up such as saying they need to bring bulk cable. Umm Ok as I told them I don’t care how it is done, just get here and get done. I need my Hicks Fix.