Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Missing Taylor Hicks?

Taylor is on break writing music for his new CD. No news and no concerts is giving us all Taylor Hicks Withdrawl. We are missing Taylor. So I have decided what I will be doing, while Taylor is taking a much needed break and writing some new music for a new CD, for us all to enjoy.

I am going to start posting a video of a Taylor preformance on American Idol, there will also be a video from the original artist. Lets discuss Taylor's performance. We can discuss his performance verses the orginal or just leave a comment with what ever the videos make you think about.

Ok My first song is "Levon" I just loved it so much when Taylor sang this song. I loved how Simon admited he was wrong. It was a great nite for Taylor.

First here is Elton John singing "Levon"

And now here Taylor Hicks singing "Levon"

And I can't resist here is Sam Cooke "A Change is Gonna Come"

Here is Ray Charles Singing "Swanee River" I could not find a video of it. So I created my own. So Glad my record collection contained this one.

And here is Taylor's Audition singing A Change is Gonna Come and Swanee River

Ok let's discuss.


Annie "sallyannlady* said...

Cindy, what can I say about these 2 performances of Levon? Elton's was supurb, as the composer of the piece, and it gave me chills. This is the first time I've actually heard what a fantastic pianist he is- and that percussionist- well, I think I'd enjoy seeing him as much as actually watching Elton perform- he was right into it. I'm so glad I got to see this.

But Taylor- his version did something to me that Elton's didn't- it made me cry, and even after almost 2 years, I see this and I still weep. It takes someone who can reach right down into the very depth of your being to wrench an emotion like that out of a person, and Taylor does that- big time. Both performances are fabulous, but for touching me the way it does, my favourite is Taylor's ......GO SOULMAN!!

Cindy Wright said...

Annie I so agree with you. While I enjoy Elton Johns version and have always been a fan of his it is Taylor's version that touches me and makes me feel something. This is going to be fun seeing all of Taylor's performances and the orginals also.

JackieK said...

Seeing Taylor doing Levon again after so long reminds me how happy he was during Idol. He's just too precious, you just got to love him!!! ~~~~~ Jackie :)

Cindy Wright said...

Yes Jackie your right, he did look so happy. I haven't tired of watching all the videos of Taylor on AI still watch them all often.

JOJOSIE said...

I had all of Taylor's AI performances in HD. I erased my two least favorite, Easy and Country Roads. Now I wish I hadn't but I'll get to see and hear Easy next on here. I love this version of Levon better than the one he did on the final as he seems so happy and thrilled to be singing. He's smiling and we're all smiling too, you can't help it.

Cindy Wright said...

Yes getting Easy ready to post now. I am also doing Taylor covers and originals that are not from AI. to see

MJ said...

What a special night ... Levon was never one of my favorite Elton John songs, but TH really brought it to life for me.

Boy, that was an action-packed 5 minutes ... Simon admitted he was wrong ... the all-time-great "bust your buns" monologue and our first SP shotout ... Woo!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Levon again. It was such a hearfelt performance !
Thanks for the look back !


Luv2 said...

I love Elton John he sings some of the best stuff EVER he writes amazing words and thoughts.. That being said, Levon isn't one of my favorite songs. Never has been. But there is something about the way Taylor can take a song, keep its original integrity and present it so soulfully in HIS WAY that you can do nothing but listen and stare. Emotion does that to me, I may not always agree with the words or thought, but when someone is trying to explain something and is so passionate about it, I just have to listen. Huge Elton and Taylor fans... Only a fan of this song the way Tay presented it. And its Eltons baby!!!!