Friday, November 23, 2007

Taylor Hicks - Black Friday Push

Black Friday is a major shopping day for the holidays. Today was the big push for Taylor Hicks CD. The fans really leapt into action and Taylor’s been climbing Amazon’s charts today. Here are Taylor’s Amazon sales figures as of 11:45 pm EST. Sales Rank: #238 in Music
#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Southern Soul

#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Blue-Eyed Soul

#3 in Music > Classic Rock > Southern Rock

I had a friend and her daughter visit me today. They had heard me talk a little about Taylor Hicks, but they didn’t really know who he was. I showed them some videos on my PC and they listened to his music. They enjoyed Taylor so much they left my house and went to Wal-Mart to each buy a copy of his CD.

My friend’s daughter is 24 and she thinks Taylor is gorgeous. Well now anyway she said. They had seen some pictures I had of Taylor while he was idol. Today they saw all the pictures I have of Taylor. She said Dear Lord what happened to that man? He was ok before but now he is Hot! She is big into diet stuff and she asked me if I thought he had used hoodia or something. LOL

Taylor’s sales are doing great today and he also made at least 2 new fans, so all is good.

If you haven’t purchased Taylor Hicks yet or just want to get another to help his sales then follow this link to get your CD now.