Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taylor Starts The Christmas Season Off with Grease

A great start to the Christmas season will start soon for The Soul Patrol. Taylor Hicks is going to be on a national tour with the Grease show and it starts December 2nd in Providence, Rhode Island. I am planning to attend at least the Columbus Ohio show at Palace Theater which starts December 16th to the 21st and I hope to go again for the show in Cincinnati Ohio and the one in Maryland if my Aunt still wants to travel there to see her sister. My husband asked if I wanted some tire chains on my car so no snow, sleet or ice can stop me. Of course I knew better than to say yes. He would think I had lost my mind for sure. But umm maybe it’s a good idea.
To make Christmas even better for The Soul Patrol we could also use a New CD and some TV time. A Christmas song single or CD would be great to. Ok that is too much work to put on someone during the Christmas season everyone including Taylor Hicks deserves a break at Christmas to enjoy the season.