Thursday, October 02, 2008

Soldiers Angels

Most everyone in the Soul Patrol has heard of the Proud of our Troop Drives. CDs of Taylor Hicks music are gathered from kind and caring people who donate these and they are sent to the soldiers who are risking their lives. What you may not know is how they get to the soldiers. Soldier’s Angels takes care of getting these CDs to the troops.

Soldier’s Angels sends many care packages to the troops. You can donate at the site or adopt a soldier and send them letters and care packages to brighten their days. Right now Squidoo is going to give away up to $80,000 to charity by October 15, 2008. You can go vote for the charity of your choice and for each vote the charity gets $2. Soldier’s Angels is on the list.

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Greta Perry said...

Soldiers' Angels appreciates your spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

I believe the voting is over and Soldier's Angels got 27.8 % of the vote . That is $22,240.00 if my math is correct??? Good stuff.