Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taylor Hicks Happenings Jan 12th - Jan 17th 2009

This past week was a busy one for Taylor Hicks. Along with appearing in 2 shows a day in Grease. Monday Jan 12th was the video shoot for his first single “What’s Right is Right”.

A few days later Jake Davis who is shooting Taylor’s video posted a picture of Taylor during the shoot. Jake had this to say.

“We're out of the snow of the windy city and in the warmth of the edit. Since a lot of you were asking for behind the scenes photos I thought I'd give you just a little taste. I'll get in trouble if I show you too much. Taylor was a real class act and a real pleasure to work with. The video is going to be really iconic. I'll keep you posted”.

Here are a couple shots of the picture I messed with in photo collage

He was on WGN’s Early Morning show Jan 16th where he was able to play the Bozo the Clown grand prize game. This was a game that used to be on the show and kids would play for a chance to win a bike. This was a show Taylor watched as a child . Taylor donated $500 for every ball that he successfully threw into a bucket too the Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago, he was able to get 5 balls into a bucket, the Boys and Girls Club will get $2,500 dollars. Taylor not only has talent and charisma he has a heart of gold doing whatever he can to help kids any time that he can. Taylor also performed his song The Fall from his Early Works album.

Saturday Taylor had his first after show concert at Martyrs in Chicago. The reports are that as expected the concert was amazing. Taylor sang his single “What’s Right is Right” among songs from his album “Taylor Hicks” and some cover tunes. It is also reported that Taylor sang a song by Bobby Womack “Woman’s Got to Have it”. Even more exciting is that is has also been said this song is on Taylor’s new album.

I can not wait to hear Taylor’s version. I love Taylor’s versions of “Gonna Move” and “Wherever I Lay my Hat” . I do not like the originals very much but those songs sung by Taylor Hicks are a couple of my favorites off of his album.

Gonna Move Paul Pena

Gonna Move Taylor Hicks

Wherever I lay My Hat Paul Young

Wherever I lay My Hat Taylor Hicks

I hope Woman's Got to Have it is on the new CD The Distance. I am excited to see wehat Taylor has done to make this song his own.

Taylor’s single release of “What’s Right is Right” has been pushed back again from the 20th to the 27th. I hate that we have to wait longer but being as the 20th is President Obama’s inauguration day it is probably for the best. We want Taylor’s song to get as much radio play and attention as possible the day it is released and the nation will be focused on getting out the old and bringing in the new that day not new music.

Maybe with luck the video will also be ready on the 27th and we can get both that day.

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