Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taylor Hicks Motown Week

Last week was Motown week on American Idol. While I enjoyed a few performances, I still couldn’t help but think if Taylor Hicks would have been competing last week with the Idols this season he still would have come out on top. So I went on the search to find a song Taylor covered that would have fit into Motown week. “You Send Me” is a song Taylor sang on Season Five and I love it hearing as much now as I did then. Shortly following the passing of Sam Cooke, Motown Records released We Remember Sam Cooke, a collection of Cooke covers recorded by The Supremes. This album contains many great Sam Cooke Covers and “You Send Me” is one of them.

So Taylor would be able to sing “You Send Me” during the Motown Theme week. Below you will see Taylor Hicks singing “You Send Me”, Kris Allen singing ,Adam Lambert singing and Danny Gokey singing watch each video and then cast your vote on the side bar for the winner then leave a comment with your thoughts.

Kris Allen “How Sweet it Is”

Adam Lambert “Tracks of my Tears”

Danny Gokey “Get Ready”

Taylor Hicks “You Send Me”

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