Monday, March 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks in the Zone, to go “THE DISTANCE”

As all fans of Taylor Hicks know, his new album is titled The Distance. I have previously given my review of the album so this will not be another review. Except to say I am still loving it, a couple songs that were not my favorites have now grown on me and are enjoyed by me as much as the others that I loved from the first listen.

In my previous post I posted the song “You Send Me” that Taylor sang when he was on Idol. I went back this morning and listened again. Randy, Paula and even Simon loved the performance. Simon even called it magic. But the comment that caught my attention was made by Paula.

When I interviewed Taylor after reviewing the CD I asked him why he titled the CD “The Distance”? You can read his reply to that here. He replied that he would leave that up to the imagination. So in listening to the comments of “You Send Me” Paula said that Taylor was finally in the zone to go “The Distance”. You can hear this at around 4:32 in the clip below. This could very well be what the title of the CD represents. Taylor is now in the zone to go The Distance. I think with this album he will do just that.

Don’t bother telling me about sales reports, I know them and I think they are just fine. Sure I would love to see Taylor at the top of the charts but I would much prefer he stick around for a long distance of time and not just rocket to the top and then vanish. I believe this album will continue to sell for quite awhile. The songs will start to touch more hearts and Taylor Hicks will be around for The Distance. He is the zone to stick around and go The Distance.


soulthing said...

How about Randy's comment "Keep It Real" baby .....

I wonder if Taylor watched this clip recently ;)

Trixi said...

It gave me goosebumps all over again.

That is the reason that Taylor won.

Hey Simon? remember?