Monday, April 06, 2009

I haven’t been posting much because I have been very busy. First we are moving in May. The house we are moving into we are completely remodeling. It is a beautiful house but needs lots of fixing up. From replacing floors, new carpet, painting, doors and so much more.

Then last Monday my Mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 21 years ago and has been in nursing home since 1996 went into hospital. She was dehydrated and she was so constipated her stomach was swollen and distended. She got out Wednesday and is back in nursing home. Thursday my brother in law got mad at something and put his hand through a window. Guess he thought that was a smart thing to do. Cut main arteries in wrist and had to have to have surgery. He almost died, lost lots of blood and on way to hospital he lost control of his bowels. They said he came very close to dying. So last week was a rough one.

But for now things are back to normal and we are trying to get this house done. The hardwood floors are being laid today. It has beautiful and big archways in the door ways and double glass doors. I plan to stencil designs above the archways to draw attention to them. Below are a couple pics of the house before remodel.


jerseyirish said...

Cindy, Wow what a week, glad your Mom and brother-in-law are on the mend. It must be hard having your Mom sick for so long, it takes its toll.

The house looks beautiful. Is it far from where you are now? Will your kids have to change schools, that is sometimes hard whatever grade they are in.

I wish you and your family much happiness in your new home.


poetcindy said...

Hi Jersey yea sometimes it can take its toll.

The house is just a few driveways down from where we live now so everything is ame for kids besides a MUCH nice place to live. They are excited to get things done and get moved it. The front room and kitchen will be done by Wednesday and be ready for me to start hanging curtains, pictures and stenciling.