Friday, March 06, 2009

Interview With Taylor Hicks- This and That Info (For Now)

I spoke to Taylor Thursday evening around 7:15 EST. He was in a great mood, you could tell he was excited about the album and everything going on his life right now. In a little bit I will have an article up at AC with questions relating to the CD, Video and a couple about Grease. As I wanted the article to be about his CD I did not use everything for the article. So below you will see questions and answers to things you might be interested in. As always Taylor likes to keep his fans in suspense so a few of the answers did not clarify much. But if we knew all there was to know at all times then the fun would be gone out of discovering new things. I hope you enjoy what is here and I will post a link to the article at Associated Content as soon as it goes live.

You were at Regis and Kelly taping a segment Tuesday and Van Morrison was also there that day to perform. You got to watch him perform?

Taylor - Yes, I got to watch him perform. I also met Van and they said they watched me. It was one of those meetings that you never thought in a million years that you would encounter. I’m just really excited about that.

How did you come up with the idea of what to title the CD? Did you just title it after the song The Distance or was there something more to it?

Taylor - I leave that up to the imagination.

A list of credits for the album states that you played the piano on the album is this true?

Taylor - No, that’s not true.

Which song from the album is your favorite and why?

Taylor - Because I had so much freedom and creativity to release this record any one of them are my favorite in their own right.

You have some cover songs on the album, how did you decide the songs that you felt were the best for you to cover?

Taylor - I just spent years listening to all of them and decided when I made that record that I wanted to make, that I would put them on it.

Do you plan to make another video for your next single?

Taylor - I do.

Any idea yet what the next single may be?

Taylor - Not gonna tell ya. (Laughing)

I laughed said I knew you wouldn’t But can’t hurt to ask.

Are you planning to release some of your songs to the country market?

Taylor - Maybe

Are you going to be on Idol this year?

Taylor - Plan on it.

Do you know when?

Taylor - Uhhh not yet.

You are singing the single What’s Right is Right each night after the curtain call of Grease, will the song you sing change when a new single is released and are you going to occasionally sing other songs off of The Distance?

Taylor - Maybe.

What has been the most exciting experience for you over the past couple years?

Taylor - Meeting Van Morrison two days ago.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get that break into music?

Taylor - Be persistent.

Back in the summer you said that a female mega-star may be recording one of your songs. Can you tell any more about that?

Taylor - It’s on hold still.

Taylor a question from some fans is they have noticed that you have a couple jackets with grey/black buttons and on the left sleeve there is a red/brown button. Is there a reason for this, like a lucky charm or something?

Taylor - Maybe.

I think he knew he was driving me crazy with the 1 and 2 word answers lol You could hear it in his voice. But Hey I got great info about CD so I’m not complaining.

How do you keep the excitement built for yourself each night singing the same song?

Taylor - Well it’s got to be a great song and that is a great song.

You have been overseas and performed, where would you like to go next?
Taylor - I would like to go to Bali.
Will post link to the best info shortly. Update- probably post link tomorrow sometime. I need sleep.


Anonymous said...

Cindy you asked some really interesting questions. It's just like Taylor not to give us too much information. Once a tease always a tease.

You can't help but love him! I know I do!!

Thank you!

juliegr said...

Cindy - thanks for asking my question about the uncoordinated button on his jackets.

I'm surprised he didn't just blurt an answer out. ;)

Good interview, congratulations!

shell from HQ said...

Thanks or asking my question about which song was his fav & why? He REALLY is a tease, isn't he?

poetcindy said...

I am glad you enjoy the info posted here. There is more info to come about the CD and they are more in depth answers. Not a couple words.:)

jerseyirish said...

Cindy, Thanks for sharing your interview with Taylor. A lot of good questions asked. Leaving us in suspense keeps us coming back. He knows how to work the fans!!! :)


Anonymous said...

He didn't say maybe on making another video he said "I DO". WOO HOO.

hickifino said...

Thank you, Cindy! I'm looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy-its funny-sometimes people say A LOT with those one and two word answers-in Taylor's case "Maybe" says a lot-

He certainly knows HOW to keep us around--and I ALSO think he gets a KICK out of doing it-KNOWING it'll keep us "inquisitive' folks around-

Thanks for this--

The Taylor Hicks Times said...

Hi Cindy!
How are you? I just found this and I think it is great! You asked some good questions. Although you did on most of them get as you said a one word responce. Lol Leave it to Taylor!
I hope these interviews are getting easier with time! Drop on over to the forum sometime and say hello!

poetcindy said...

Hi Jodi
Thanks for stopping by. I have neglected yr site but will be there. Sorry. These are just questions I did not need for the article. I am covering the CD with the article. These are some questions not needed in that piece and wanted to share with the fans.

But yes lots of these are just

The article should be all ready by morning at the latest. K offto check out yr forum.

Anonymous said...

Well thought out questions Cindy. The answer to the jacket button question made me laugh out loud. Taylor probably searched his closet for the jscket with the odd button never having noticed it himself. Thanks, cypfan

poetcindy said...

LOL I thought if that myself. I have expected he might say I don't know what you are talking about lol But leave it to Taylor to say Maybe and keep people wondering lol

sallyannlady said...

His answer about the button sounded pretty "off the cuff" to me......*ducks*.....I can't wait to read the whole thing.

deni said...

What a tease! All I know for sure is...I can't wait for this cd. What's Right Is Right is excellent and I am betting top dollar the rest of the music is too.

jerseyirish said...
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