Monday, March 02, 2009

Bonus Tracks For Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Taylor Hicks New CD comes out March 10th and there will be 3 bonus tracks.Now it has been announced which outlet will have which bonus track.

itunes will have the bonus track Yes We Can
Walmart will have the bonus track Hide Nor Hair
Target will have the bonus track Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

I will have to get a copy from each outlet. I want all three songs. Who else is buying all three versions? If not all three which ones are you planning to buy?

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henry8 said...

I no doubt will be getting all three and knowing me probably three of all three. :-)
I don't get to spend much on him other ways.

caryl said...

He knows we've got to have all of the songs! You gotta hand it to him. He found a way to keep us buying multiple CDs! :)

poetcindy said...

Yes Caryl.You are right, he does know how to keep us running all over to find each track also. lol

Chuck said...

I'll be getting all three as well. And that after already having received an advance copy of the standard CD for review purposes!

poetcindy said...

Awesome Chuck. I to received an advance copy for review. Where can your review be read? Or has it been published yet?

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