Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review of "The Distance"

Review of "The Distance" New Album by Taylor Hicks
"The Distance" takes the listener on an amazing journey with songs of love, humor, heartache, the effects of war, and growing together as one


caryl said...

How did you get an advance copy?

You did a great job with this review. I'm glad to hear one of the songs is humorous. I've always thought he should do that. Can't wait to hear the CD.

poetcindy said...

Because of writing at AC ad I have been doing reviews of CDS, music articles and musician interviews. AC is a hug market and media can get things to review sometimes.

I am glad you like it and you will love the CD.

chill said...

Great job with the review, Cindy. And I know you know how jealous I am. LOL Really, it couldn't have happened to a better person. :-)

poetcindy said...

Thanks Bunches Chill

chill said...

So how many times have you listened to it now? LOL The comments over at the Boogie have been great and it's nice to see you doing some Q&A for them. Sure sounds like we are going to love this new record and that he'll finally get some radio play. He is one smart cookie.

poetcindy said...

UMM How many times? I think I have lost track and nope of course I'm not tired if it yet lol