Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review of Whomp at the Warfield

I finally was able to watch Whomp at the Warfield. I was very pleased with the concert. More so than I thought I would be. It starts out with the song Gonna move. The audio and video are excellent. There are many closeups of Taylor Hicks.I heard they block out the audience to much which in some instances I wish the sound was louder at the end of the songs but I have seen many of Taylor's videos on You tube and the audience was so loud it overshadowed Taylor's voice so I am glad the audience sound was toned down so you can just hear and enjoy Taylor's voice.

Taylor showcases the talent of the band many times and that is great as all those playing with Taylor are great talents. For me the concert just got better and better as it went on. Taylor is able to get the band to do what ever he wants with just the wave of his hand.

I have only been to one concert and I was so wrapped up in watching Taylor and taking pictures I did not notice the way he controls the band so effortlessly. I also was in the front row so I only was able to see the reactions of those in beside me or directly behind me. With Whomp I was able to see the audience clapping, signing and dancing along. Many argue Taylor's fan base is OLD women. I even saw report say his fans are in the nursing homes. I know this is so not true but it was nice to watch the video and see all age groups and men and women. Maybe those who like to say different should watch Whomp and notice the audience. Better yet go to a CONCERT.

You can see Taylor and the band are having as much fun as those in the audience.

My Friend is one of my favs in the concert. Love Brian Gallagher playing the horn he sounds amazing and when Taylor brings out the harp he puts the magic into the song.

The Deal is another stand out performance for me. I have always loved that song. Then comes Hold onto your Love. This is a song I never much liked. I know I am one of the few. I didn't notice it with the concert I attended but I did notice it on WATW and I have changed my mind I now enjoy the song very much. Maybe it has to do with Taylor tagging in Ray Charles song Lonely Avenue. The way Taylor sings Now my Room has got to windows but the sunshine never shines through. The way he sings that song is amazing one of the best tags I have heard Taylor do. Simply amazing.

Like I said this concert just gets better and better. Next is Wherever I lay my Hat. I never liked this song when it came out by the original guy but when Taylor's CD Taylor Hicks came out and I heard his version, his voice, I loved it. Taylor puts a lot of feeling into it during WATW and I have been playing The Distance since it came out but I think I am going to pull Taylor Hicks back out and play it I forgot how much I loved these songs.

You also get to see Taylor doing his wacky dancing a lot. People can say he can't dance but he makes you smile when he does so he is doing something right.

By the time he gets to Heaven Knows I notice how much he is sweating. Pretty obvious how he is getting so slim. He is working off all the calories he takes in. If we all did aerobic dancing as often as Taylor does we would be slim and trim. Maybe thats the key put in Taylor's CD and dance and jump around the whole time it is playing and do this everyday.

The Maze is next this is a song that grew on me overtime and I love now. Taylor Tags in Warm Love and plays some Harp again. LOVE LOVE this harp solo.

During The Right Place Taylor's voice is so crisp and clear and watch him control the band with his hand.

The Runaround. Love this song and the beat of the drums in it. Taylor gets to dance and have fun during this number and so does the audience. Love Taylor's turning around and around in this song. He has fun with this song. Some more harp. One thing I notice with Taylor and the band they can jump right into the tags and back into the song without missing a beat. If a person was to be hearing all of these songs for the first time you would not even know its one song with parts of another song tagged in. That is true professionals at work.

You might think this getting ready to be the end of the concert but you need to stick around there is LOTS more to come.

Out comes Taylor once more. Thanks the audience and start singing one of my Favs The Fall. He sits on a stoll and just sings. This is one of the reasons I am glad the audience is toned down so I can just hear his voice singing this song. Just Taylor and a guitar.

Taylor sings a song by Eric Clapton and rocks it out but I don't know the name of the song someone help.

Naked in the Jungle is next and Taylor showcases the band. Goes into Dance to the music and Taylor plays some organ.

Now we are at the end of the concert and Taylor is jumping AED dancing around having fun and does a little dance on the speakers.

I loved Whomp at The Warfield. I am so glad I finally got to see it. I sure hope it comes out on DVD in the future so I can buy a copy. I recommend any Taylor fan and any fan of great music to watch this when ever it is aired again. If you don't get the channel than go to someones house and watch it or have them record
it so you can watch it at a later time. Whomp at the Warfield is well worth the wait.