Sunday, March 08, 2009

It Began with Taylor Hicks….Good Things Were to Follow

I have interviewed several musicians but most who follow my blog only know of my Taylor Hicks interviews. Lately some have asked about my other interviews and I thought I would address that here, for all who are interested to see any other interviews. To date, I have interviewed around 16 musicians.

It all started when I became a fan of Taylor Hicks. I had been writing articles at Associated Content for a couple years before I started writing about Taylor Hicks. I had written several articles at Associated Content about Taylor Hicks. I interviewed fans based on their experiences when they saw Hicks in concert. At the time, I did this strictly because I was interested in all things in regard to Taylor.

However, one day I received an email from an Associated Content manager asking if I wanted to interview Taylor Hicks. I had never interviewed a celebrity before so I was shocked to say the least at the offer. To be honest I was very skeptical that it would actually happen. I was given a date and time and then it was canceled. I thought yeah, ok this will not happen. Then I got an email with another date and time. The call came through and I conducted my first interview and it was with Taylor Hicks.

Then I was offered an interview with Katherine McPhee. I was not a fan of Katherine’s so I almost turned this down. But then I rethought and if I wanted to break into the field of interviewing musicians I knew I would have to accept it. The next thing I knew I was asked to interview Kellie Pickler. From there I was building a list of those I interviewed and I would request interviews with others, such as Chubby Checker and Bucky Covington.

I remembered that if it was not for American Idol I would have no clue who Taylor Hicks was. I started looking for independent artists and checking out their music. If I liked what I heard I requested an interview. The next thing I knew I was getting emails from various management agencies asking if I would like to interview people like Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and others.

All of these interviews with other worthy musicians can be found at my Celebrity and Musician Interviews Blog.


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