Monday, March 16, 2009

Taylor Hicks Performs at 13th Annual Susan G Koman's race for a Cure

Pictures of Taylor Hicks at The Susan G. Komen 13th Annual Race for a Cure
Picture 3 is Taylor Hicks, Poppy Montgomery, Judy Reyes and Emily Procter

Taylor Hicks performed at the Susan G. Koman Race for a Cure yesterday, March 15th. When “What’s Right is Right” was first released I mentioned that I could vision that song being about a couple goig through the fight of cancer. I thought of that because of these lyrics in the song.

I don't wanna go,
A single night without you,
I don't wanna know,
What an empty bed is like.
When you laugh I'm laughing,
When you cry I'm crying.
What's wrong with you is wrong with me,
What's Right is Right.

This I promise you forever,
With you all the way to the finish line,
And we're gonna cross that bridge together,
Marching step by step, walking side by side.

I felt that if a man was with the woman he loved during her fight with cancer that those lyrics would fit perfectly for the situation.

Video of Taylor Singing What's Right is Right at the Event

You can hear the guys of the Inside the Edge Radio show talk a little about the happenings yesterday an hear Taylor singing “What’s Right is Right” live at the event by going here

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hickifino said...

Thanks for the video and pictures. He did a good job, so passionate with the lyrics.