Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcoming - Interview with The Bacon Brothers

Boy it sure has been a hectic April around here. We are preparing to move and we have been remodeling the place we are moving into. It looks 100% different than it did the day we agreed to move into it. Last week I got an email Wednesday asking if I wanted to interview The Bacon Brothers on Thursday? This is something I knew for awhile was going to happen at some point and I was anxiously awaiting this opportunity. But we have been so busy and I am so wore out I was tempted to ask to reschedule. But then I re-thought and you just don’t turn down Kevin Bacon and ask to fit him into your schedule. So I did the interview. I first spoke with Kevin and Michael Bacon both about the Bacon Brothers and then I spoke with Kevin Bacon about the early days of his acting career.

I have submitted the interviews and hopefully really soon they will be published. When I look back to 2006 to when I got that first interview with Taylor Hicks it seems to kind of come full circle. What I mean is this. At the time I started doing interviews there could have no better choice for a person to interview first than Taylor Hicks. Well besides maybe Elvis Presley and we all know that wasn’t possible. So anyway I have had several interviews with other musicians since that first Taylor Hicks interview and even a couple more with Taylor too.

When it was announced Taylor was going to be starring in Grease as Teen Angel I loved the idea. My two favorite movies of all time are Grease and Footloose. So to be granted an interview with The Bacon Brothers and then get to speak with Kevin about his movies is just major icing on the cake.

When I go on the search of new movies I always search out the name Kevin Bacon to see if he has any new movies out. I have seen every movie that he has been in. I even watched him when I was a pre-teen when he was in the soap Guiding Light. I have always been a huge fan of Kevin Bacon. Guiding Light is supposed to end in September. I so hope they change their mind about that.

Before I even had internet I would call the video store and ask if Kevin had a new movie out. So for me having the first interview that is in regards to an actor and have it be Kevin Bacon is just exactly what I would asked for if someone would have said who is the actor you want to interview. Umm John Travolta and Will Smith would be my next choices now and Kevin Costner.

As soon as the interviews are published I will post links to them. Even if you are not a fan of The Bacon Brothers or Kevin Bacon I think you will enjoy the interviews anyway.

Couple videos below of The Bacon Brothers and yes of course some videos of Kevin Bacon.

Go My Way (The Ipod song) New Single

Go My Way (Live on the Late Late show)

New Years Day Live (My Favorite)

Boys in Bars The Bacon Brothers

Rails and Ties (Movie I highly recommend)

Just because I think this is funny

HBO Movie Taking Chance (Bring Tissues)


jerseyirish said...

Thats so cool an interview with Kevin Bacon, always liked him. Good luck!!! :)

Are you guys all settled in, in the new house? Moving can be exciting but very tiring.


Cindy Wright said...

We are still remodeling are planning to move in Friday.

KathyY said...

Hi there. I just happened onto your site and thought I'd share some websites with you, if you haven't found them already. is The Bacon Brothers' official website. There is a message board there that is pretty great. will direct you to the brand new BB FanCorps site. Here you can help promote the band.

I'm a moderator on both and hope to see you around. favorite movies are Grease and Footloose! LOL!