Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hick's Rockin White Christmas

I tuned into Christmas at Rockefeller Center. Where I am at I knew I would only get to see Taylor Hicks sing White Christmas. I know White Christmas is a slow song and I love fast Christmas songs. However since Taylor was singing it I knew I would love it.

Taylor started the song as usual I am loving, seeing and hearing Taylor but I am so wishing I could see and hear him do Runaround. Well all the sudden when I least expect (well ok I knew Taylor would make it his own. However we got more than expected.) Taylor Hicks kicks it in and Taylorizes the song.

Taylor completely rocked this song out. With him scatting, movin and grovin. He was all smiles. I could tell he was having a blast and I thought there you go Taylor show them you can rock it out. Then the harp comes out. I was smiling right along with Taylor. My husband was watching Jericho in the front room I kept yelling for him to get to the bedroom and listen to Taylor Hicks rock it out. He ignored me oh well his loss.

This is the best version ever of White Christmas. I was thoroughly pleased and proud that Taylor Hicks once again made it do it what it do. The Soul Patrol knew what we were doing when we spent all that time voting for Taylor Hicks. All the doubters will soon be changing their tune.