Monday, November 27, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Soul Patrol we have a challenge at Gray Charles

Ok Soul Patrol, GrayCharles has given us a challenge. Taylor Hicks CD is set to release 12-12 and as of 7:30 EST this morning it was #59 on the Amazon charts. Grays challenge is simple for a huge fan base like the Soul Patrol to do. Get Taylor Hicks CD to # 20 today well we did it. At 12:15 it was #19 and #2 on Movers and Shakers. Some lucky poster on that thread will receive singed copy of Under the Radar. Next challenge get Taylor Hicks to top 10 in next 24 hours. Five lucky posters will receive a signed copy of Taylor Hicks New CD if this happens. I know we can do it. We can get Taylor to #1. Also proceeds that Gray receives from ordering through his link will go to a charity of Taylor’s choice. Come on Soul Patrol lets do it for Taylor the Charity and a big plus for us. We get Taylor’s Great voice to listen to. Go to Gray’s now get in on the challenge let’s show what The Soul Patrol is made of.

Update 1PM EST #18

Update: Ok Soul Patrol Get Taylor to # 5 and some lucky poster will get a personal phone call. Best Thankyou I can imagine. Get over to Grays.