Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Upcoming Interview with Taylor

I am in a very good mood today. The site I write for has been working to get me an interview with Taylor Hicks. I was not getting my hopes up that this would happen. However today I log on and one of editors has sent me a message letting me know that if I am available it will be scheduled. I give my contact information. I then receive a forwarded message from my editor and I am very ecstatic now. Come Monday as long as nothing happens I will get to Interview Taylor Hicks. Here is the body of the e-mail I received.

Cindy will get a call from either Fanscape or J Records at the number you provided. From there we will conference in Taylor . The time is confirmed for 3pm EST on Monday, December 4. I will let you know if anything changes – because it often does! Thanks Mike

I know come Monday I will be very nervous but also very happy to speak with Taylor and get to ask him some questions. The article will be able to be read at the site mentioned above and I will post something here also. It is so great that Taylor Hicks and his PR people are letting me have this interview. Wish me luck everyone!


cathy hancock said...

How wonderful for you. Ask him some thoughtful questions and I am sure he will be forthright with his answers. Good for you gir.

Cindy Wright said...

Thankyou Cathy That is what I am doing now trying to come up with some questions that haven't been done over and over and that are also respectful to him.

AmyH said...

Congratulations and good luck, Cindy! I know you'll do great. :)

Juliegr said...


Do be sure to ask Taylor how he feels about the opportunity to hit the big time through winning American Idol.

Thanks and good luck!!

Claire (Boogie Board) said...

Great news, Cindy!!

I'm sure you'll do yourself proud.

Jodie said...

Cindy, in the past we talked about this becoming reality some day. I recall you laughing at me thinking it was an impossable dream. Well sweetie your dream is about to come true. I am so very proud of you. Go get'em girl!

Cindy Wright said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and encouragement. I am not so nervous now. But its not Monday yet :) Yes Jodie I do remember discussing that and I never thought it would happen. But now Whoo Hoo :)

Victor said...

Congrats on the interview!!!