Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks: is getting prepared to give us more Taylor Hicks. On December 8th we get our usual Tayday. They will show the video of Taylor Hicks rehearsing “You are so Beautiful.” Then on 12/12 we get a special video. This is the day of the release of Taylor’s CD Taylor Hicks. We will all be rushing out to get Taylor’s CD. Don’t forget to visit Rehearsals though and see what the special video will be. We also still get Tayday on 12/15. With all the TV appearances, rehearsal videos and Taylor’s new CD we are getting a healthy dose of our Hicks Fix.

Though truly I don’t think it is ever enough. My husband says I’m addicted and going to over dose. I say what a great way to go. It’s an exciting time for Taylor Hicks and The Soul Patrol. I am sure Taylor has pulled in lots of new fans with the amazing appearances he has done on TV. Seems like every performance shown just gets better and better and Taylor gets hotter and hotter.

Last night on Leno Taylor sure figured out how to use that camera and those eyes created a lot of thuds all over Soul Patrol Land.