Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are Soul Patrollers and Who is Taylor Hicks?

I went yesterday to try and find a good used car. I stopped at one car lot and the guy had several cars and vans but none of them were what I wanted. Either because of price or the vehicle itself. The man kept having us follow at him to look at yet another vehicle.

When I still found nothing I wanted he said I have a bus for sale out back you might be interested in. I laughed and said no I don’t think I need a bus. He laughed and said well ok if you are sure. The next words out of mouth had my husband saying here we go again. I told the man well the bus may be a good idea if I can get a bunch of Soul Patrollers together to go see a Taylor Hicks concert.

The man asked, what are Soul Patrollers and who is Taylor Hicks? Is that some kind of religious thing? I started laughing; my husband said did you have to ask? I told the guy some about Taylor. He said he likes Ray Charles and Sam Cooke so I told him he ought to check out Taylor Hicks.

When we left the man said he would have to see if he can find Taylor’s CD. I told him if not go online and you can order them. I don’t know if he will or not but at least now he knows who Taylor Hicks is and what a Soul Patroller is.

In the theme of a bus here is a video. A oldie but goodie The Adventures of the Purple Bus.