Friday, October 17, 2008

Articles about Taylor Hicks

There have been many, many articles written about Taylor Hicks. It would take forever to search and find them all. So today I am just going to focus on the articles posted at Associated Content. I am a content producer at the site. I myself have written quite a few articles on Taylor but there are several others at the site written by other content producers. Mostly glowing reports but some not so glowing.

I will list the links to each article.

Taylor Hicks buys Lakefront Property by Amy Gayle

American Idol’s Taylor Hicks by Leigh Egan

Where is Taylor Hicks Now? By Adriana Cherry

Taylor Hicks – Little Known Facts About by Kassidy Emmerson

Taylor Hicks performs in Kansas City by Amy Gayle

American Idol’s Taylor Hicks Rocks Chicago’s House of Blues by Amy Gayle

American idol’s Taylor Hicks Looses it by Sara Martin

Taylor Hicks Selected as Grand Marshall for Mardi Gras Celebration & Endymion Parade by Karen Gross

The Next Step for American Idols’ Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks Launches Own Label by Claudia Oakenfull

A few Articles by Me
Taylor Hicks an Interview with Cindy Wright

The Taylor Hicks Experience
Taylor Hicks the Soul Patrol

Taylor Hicks Taking it to the Streets…

There are many more articles. Too many to list. Go here to see the full list

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