Sunday, October 19, 2008

How the Internet Changed Music

The internet is a huge place. There are no limits on where you can visit or what you can discover with the internet as your guide. The internet has changed music and continues to change it more every day. Before the internet and sites such as Face Book, MySpace, Live Journal and Yahoo Groups to name just a few getting your music out to those who would enjoy and appreciate it consisted of relying on a record contract or doing live gigs and getting a following that way. With the internet you can post your music online and get it out to many more people. Even if you do not have a record deal you can still get a large fan base that love and appreciate what you do. The internet has changed music so much.

The artist can interact more with their supporters though blogging, emails, journal entries and so many more ways. You build a more intimate relationship with you fans with the help of the internet than ever before. The fans feel more connected to the artist and are very supportive of everything they do. It almost builds a friendship of sorts between the artist and the fans. An artist who spends their time building the fan base and devoting some of their free time becoming personally involved on some level with the fans reaps the benefits for the rest of their career.

Many artists use the internet for this very purpose. For examples I will name a few that I follow.

Taylor Hicks is the first artist that I started keeping track of on the internet. There was a site Gray Charles that posted almost daily about Taylor. Taylor would check in now and then to leave audio blogs for his fans about things going on in his career. Fans loved every audio blog that Taylor left and talked together about the goings on in Taylor’s career. Taylor still leaves blogs now and then at other sites such as his MySpace about what is going in his career and so forth. His fan base has created many fan montages of Taylor and there are many fan run websites that keep up with all things Taylor Hicks. The fans have become friends with one another and meet when concerts are going on to go together, sometimes having pre concert parties or going to dinner together and the talk is Taylor Hicks.

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