Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On my Mind

Ok so this post isn’t a Taylor Hicks post but it is on my mind. It seems this year has flown by. Halloween is right around the corner, which means Christmas will be before we know it. It seems every year I swore that I was not going to spend as much as the year before. Then every year I spend more than the year before. When kids get older the price to get items they truly want goes way up. Just one gift alone will cost me over $300. The WII is a gaming system I have to try my best to get this year (I’ll enjoy that one to) and mp3 players, I-pods and cell phones just to name a few. I wonder if they would settle for an antique Christmas it could consist of an Atari System, cassette recorder, am/fm radio with ear phones and a couple tin cans with string in between them. I know, I know, not likely. But it would sure save my pocket book. Guess I better start checking the Black Friday ads after Thanksgiving. Umm maybe they could have those ads to save us money in getting Tickets to see Taylor in Grease. That way we could buy more tickets and take others to see the show. Hey it’s a idea, whether it’s a likely idea or not, it is an idea.