Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks on TV

Taylor Hicks on TV? Yes we get to see Taylor Hicks and lots of him. The first opportunity is this Friday 10-20 on They will be airing videos of Taylor during rehearsals for his upcoming CD. The talk is that we won’t necessarily get to see performances of the songs for the new CD, that it will possibly just be cover songs and a couple of Taylor Hicks songs released before Idol. Either way fans will be tuning in too see a glimpse of their Idol. Be prepared also to see lots of Taylor Hicks on TV.

Thanks to a great marketing campaign we will also be able to see lots of Taylor Hicks on TV. As reported at Taylor is set to be on TV many, many times coming in the near future. There is no dates yet released to the public however.

Oprah is one of the opportunities. This is one I am really going to be keeping an eye out for. Oprah is a great woman who treats people with respect and when someone has talent she makes sure they know they are doing well. I think this will be a very interesting episode. Taylor and Oprah will be a great combination. Some of the others are Regis and Kelly, Dateline and TNT Christmas in Washington. To see the others on the list visit Gray Charles. Be prepared to watch a lot of Taylor Hicks on TV.