Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taylor Hicks: & The New Elvis

We have been patiently waiting for Taylor Hicks to air on Tommorrow is the big day, everyone has wondered what he will sing, and yesterday we got a 15 second preview of Hell of a Day. Today the big news is at Taylor Hicks will perform What's Going On and Hell of a Day.

News also reports that Taylor Hicks is set to launch from his American Idol beginnings to become a major voice in pop music. Vibe Magazine reports in the November issue, that Taylor Hicks is the new Elvis and saying he dances funny misses the point: Taylor Hicks is the embodiment of the last fifty years of popular music. All of Taylor's fans agree with these statements completely. will show Taylor's singing and entertaining ability to a whole new group of people. His fan base is continuing to grow everyday.

The New Elvis is set to explode in a big way. Taylor Hicks has become a phenomenon, some claim to not like Taylor until they see him perform then they become a fan. better be prepared for the onslaught of fans that will coming through the door to the site in huge masses as soon as they start airing Taylor Hicks at To read more click above on the title.