Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Of course he has a Poetic Heart

Ok I'll set this straight. A couple people who have seen the start of this blog asked me why I would call it Taylor’s Poetic Heart they say that Taylor Hicks is a singer not a poet. Well I beg to differ. A poem is a song waiting for music, Taylor just so happens to be able to add the music also. A poem comes from your heart, with feeling and emotion whether it be from happiness, pain or just being silly. Taylor Hicks sings and writes from his heart. His songs that he has written have come from his own feelings and emotions. Someone who can sit down and put their feelings into the written word, whether it is to simply keep and call it a poem or to add music to and call it a song has a poetic heart. So you see Taylor Hicks indeed does have a Poetic Heart. Any objections?