Monday, October 16, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks Legend in the Making

This season of American Idol was the best season yet. The was lots of great talent and many will go on to succeed in a long career, However, the winner Taylor Hicks stood out from the beginning. When he first walked in many viewers weren't sure what to expect. Then this man opened his mouth and magic began. Simon of course said Taylor Hicks shouldn't go through and since Paula and Randy said yes Simon then said he would never be voted further. I will never forget when he came in to the room playing the harp. I thought ok this guy is gonna fly right though and of course he did. Each week this gray hared handsome soul man won more and more fans. He always knew what song to sing, how to react to Simon's rude comments and how to get the fans to love him. Simon said he shouldn't go past the audition. But Ha Simon was wrong. Taylor Hicks made it through each week and WON! I have much more to say about Taylor Hicks coming in the future and will post any news that comes about. Lets watch together as Taylor Hicks becomes a legend.