Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor TV Appearances

Taylor was on the American Music Awards last night. He had a new haircut. It looks really good on him. He looked really good. He just presented some award. To tell you the truth I’m not sure what now. I was to excited to see Taylor on TV again. He seemed really happy. He also got to meet Weird Al, there is pictures of them shaking hands with big smiles on both their faces. Now we are getting prepared for the rest of Taylor’s TV appearances. Taylor’s my space site has the list up. is going to air a video today at 1pm EST instead of Friday. Be sure to tune in. Gray Charles has the full Runaway song up. It is great. I can’t listen to it with out wanting to move about and dance to it. Some say they don’t like it. I however love it. If a song can make me cry, think or dance then it has done what it should do. That is exactly what the Runaway does it makes me want to dance. It also makes me want to see a video of it with Taylor movin and grovin to it. Dream Myself Awake is also there it is just a small clip of the song but what I have heard so far is great is seems to me like a fast tempo love song. Taylor’s voice in both sounds excellent.

Now back to Taylor TV appearances. Taylor’s lists of shows from now through December are below,

11/29 Xmas at Rock
12/01 Leno
12/05 GMA
12/06 Regis
12/10 Christmas in Washington
12/11 The View
12/12 Satellite Media Tour
12/13 Martha
12/14 Megan
12/14 CBS Early Show


Victor Caballero said...

Good stuff.