Friday, November 24, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Get Ready

Hey Soul Patrol we have only 5 days until we get to see Taylor Hicks on TV again. Christmas in Rockefeller Center will air Wednesday November 29th on NBC at 8PM. Lionel Richie, John Legend and Our Man Taylor Hicks among others, will be performing. Can’t wait to see and hear Taylor’s wonderful voice. Hopefully he will get sing “Runaround” because it is a fun dance song that will get the crowd going. If Taylor sings “Runaround” and Lionel Richie sings “Dancing in the Streets” it will be a party!

On December 13 Christmas in Washington will air on TNT at 10 PM. Once again Taylor will be performing. Christmas 2006 just gets better and better. Rehearsals Videos of Taylor Hicks, Taylor’s preview clips from his CD, interviews we have read with Taylor and Taylor on TV only thing better is being there.


mouser said...

It's Christmas Cindy......Christmas songs seem more appropriate, but ya never know. Have you ever heard Taylor sing "Santa Claus is Comin to Town"? I personally would like to hear him do Lou Rawls " All I want for Christmas".. throaty.

Anonymous said...

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