Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Whomp Music

Whomp Music!! The Soul Patrol has been ready for Taylor Hicks’ new style of music and he does not disappoint. This morning when I got up I went straight to to see if the clips of Taylor’s new CD were up yet. “Runaround” is up and on fire. I have been playing the clip over and over. I can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album. I am anxiously awaiting the next clip to go up sometime today of “Dream Myself Awake.” Whomp Music has hit and it is a welcome change. I love the beat, the feeling it gives you to get and dance and best of all the sound of Taylor’s voice.

The world is about to experience Whomp Music by Taylor Hicks and I think it will be very well received. “Soul Thing” “The Deal” and also “Hell of Day” (Hell of a Day if purchased from Wal-mart) will also be on the CD and all Taylor Hicks fans know and love these songs. It will be great to hear them on the new CD and see how Taylor changes them even though I love them the way they are. The titles of the other songs sound like they will also be great. You can listen to the clip and see the titles of the songs on the CD by going to Gray

Dec 12th can’t come soon enough Christmas will be early this year and it will sound so great to the ears. I hope music videos of the songs aren’t far behind The Soul Patrol needs to see Taylor movin’ and grovin’ to some great Taylor Hicks Whomp Music.