Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Right Place

The Right Place is up at This song is simply all about Taylor’s wonderful voice. I love this song too, so far I love them all. Each one for a different reason, The Right Place was written by Bryan Adams for Ray Charles. Maybe it is just me but I swear I can hear Ray singing this song. I can invison Ray sitting at the piano and swaying back and forth as he sings this song. I bet any Ray Charles fan will love this song. Taylor’s voice in places, even reminds me of Ray Charles a lot. Taylor has done Ray proud with this song. It is beautiful and soulful. If anyone still says Taylor Hicks can’t sing then they need to have their hearing checked. This CD is going to have so many possible genres that each song can play in. I imagine we hear Taylor on pop and country stations as well. Taylor has been compared to Elvis in many ways. This CD is just another example. Elvis’ music was played on any type of station you could think of. I believe Taylor will be the same way. They don’t know what category to put him in because he can sing anything. All the greats can cross over into type of music they choose. Taylor Hicks will be one of those greats. Go to Grays site if you haven’t been their yet and give them all a listen. Be prepared The Right Place will blow you away it is great.


mouser said...

You said a mouthful Cindy. All three have a different appeal, but The Right Place is Taylor all the way. The other two are ideal for attracting a younger demographic. I am enchanted.