Thursday, November 09, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Kellie Pickler

Taylor was my pick on American Idol I knew he was something unique and every week like the rest of the Soul Patrol I anxiously awaited his song choice and I was never disappointed. I believe Season 5 was the most talented season yet. Even though Taylor was my choice to win I knew there were several others who would make it Kellie Pickler was my second favorite. She was my husband first choice. I just got her CD and am happily surprised. Kellie Pickler’s CD is even better than I expected it to be.

Kellie Pickler will have an amazing career. I like all the songs on the CD. This Small Town Girl has a terrific voice and the songs on the CD are great. Even a couple that will make you tear up a little. “I Wonder,” “My Angel” (this song reminds me of my own Grandmother and my Mother in Law) and “Wild Ponies” are perfect examples of that. “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” will be a great song for people going through a break up.

“Small Town Girl” and “Red High Heels” are feel good dancing songs. Love the eat cheese burgers not calamari part in Small Town Girl. Made me smile and remember the conversation on AI. Kellie Pickler is very talented and I bet this CD will end up winning lots of awards and some will end up being extremely popular country songs.

I have Kellie Pickler’s CD and enjoy it very much. Now I can’t wait for Taylor’s to release gotta hear over and over our Soul Man’s album. Please lots of videos to.


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