Friday, November 10, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Rehearsals

Just went to Rehearsals and saw the video of Taylor singing Georgia on my Mind. Once again Taylor Hicks was amazing. Taylor takes everything he sings and makes it his own. He has done that from the start and continues to do it. I loved the harp playing, Taylor is just as amazing with the harp as he is with his voice. What would we do without Rehearsals?

Rehearsals give us our Taylor Hicks fix each Friday. The wait for Taylor’s CD to come is hard as we are all anxious to listen to this album and get to hear a whole CD worth of Taylor’s beautiful voice. However, Rehearsals is allowing us to sit in on Taylor’s rehearsal process and it is a great way to enjoy Taylor while waiting on the CD to release. Seeing Taylor’s rehearsal process is amazing as we get another glimpse into his music life and the process of what makes this man and his music so amazing.

An update however the CD was due to release on Dec 5th but now it will not release until December 12th. I, as I am sure the rest of you, was anxiously awaiting the 5th, however its only a week later and Gray Charles reports Taylor is up beat about it because it gives him another week to work on the music. So that is good enough for me. I trust Taylor knows what he is doing and wants to make sure we get the best possible music from him that he can deliver. At least we have Rehearsals to go to and hear and see Taylor perform, that should hold us over until Dec 12th.