Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taylor Hicks:,Georgia on my Mind is set to give us another great glimpse of Taylor Hicks Friday. To the thrill of the Soul Patrol the song this Friday will be Georgia on my Mind. The whole Soul Patrol is getting prepared to start a Thud that will shake the world, or at least as The Soul Patrol once again bombards the site on Friday to see the video and re-watch it over and over again. Rehearsals is a site that The Soul Patrol is becoming addicted to visiting as they are feeding the Taylor Hicks fix that all his devoted fans so love to have fed.

There is one thing about being a Taylor Hicks fan that is a great advantage. Taylor loves to gives us little tidbits of him here and there to feed our addiction. All summer long during the AI Tour LiMBO shadowed the tour playing at different venues and some times Taylor joined in on the fun to the thrill of The Soul Patrol. He has kept fans updated through and now through we get to see Taylor as he rehearses and the fans are loving Fridays now know as Taydays. If you haven’t been to then visit today they have several videos of different musicians. It is a great site and I can wait for Tayday!

Video montage created by a fan
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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to TayDay myself!

ShirleyDee said...

Yowser Gotta Love Our Leader
of "The Soul Patrol"
S-M-O-K-I-N !!!!!!
Looking forward to Tayday & Georgia !!
Woooo Soul Patrol
Shirley Dee

Anonymous said...

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