Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Taylor Hicks Fan

I just had an article published titled Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. Would love you all to give it a read. Maybe you will get an idea for a gift or you can send it to someone who will buying for you. This will be their hint of what you want for Christmas. Here are of a few of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan on my list.

1) New Taylor Hicks CD – Due out in stores December 5th. Even if you know they are planning to buy a copy they would still appreciate a second copy to put in the car or to keep as a collectable. You can also preorder the CD so it will be shipped the day of its release.
6) Donate Money – The Soul Patrol supports Kid One Transport and Studio by The Tracks. Charities that is near and dear to Taylor Hicks heart. You could donate money to these great causes in your loved one’s name. Give them a card stating that you did this. Trust me you would make their day when they realize you cared enough to help these charities. It is also a great to help charities that really need it while giving a gift to a loved a loved one.

Click here to read the rest of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. If you have other ideas for more gift suggestions leave a comment there and let every one know.